Sinas to focus on anti-drugs war


    NEW PNP chief Maj. Gen. Debold Sinas yesterday vowed to intensify government’s campaign against illegal drugs, corruption in the police force, and crimes throughout the country.

    Sinas formally assumed the top police post in rites held at the PNP headquarters in Camp Crame yesterday afternoon, replacing now retired Gen. Camilo Cascolan who led the PNP for two months.

    “We will focus on sustaining and enhancing the President’s commitment to the eradication of illegal drugs, corruption, terrorism, illegal gambling, and other forms of criminality,” said Sinas.

    Sinas said the drug enforcement units will be revitalized so they can focus on going after high-value targets and “ninja” and “narco cops,” or policemen involved in the illegal drugs trade.

    “Drug enforcement units will be manned by personnel with no reported or suspected involvement in illegal drugs to ensure integrity,” Sinas also said. He said personnel in drug enforcement units with bad records will be replaced.

    On the campaign against corruption in the PNP, Sinas said the PNP will further strengthen the personnel discipline mechanism and penalize erring policemen.

    “We will continue to enforce religiously and honestly on the no take police of illegal funds from illegal drugs, drug lords, gambling lords, and other illegal sources of funds,” said Sinas.

    Sinas said all police personnel are also directed not to play golf during officer hours and should adhere to the standing directive of President Duterte against going to gambling casinos.

    “Any member of the PNP who will be involved in corrupt practices will not be tolerated and will be immediately investigated and dismissed from the police service if found guilty under the PNP disciplinary mechanism or in the proper court of law,” said Sinas.

    Sinas said policemen should also strictly observe discipline inside police camps and police stations. Otherwise, he said administrative charges may be pursued against them.

    It was in the NCRPO headquarters in Camp Bicutan, Taguig City, where a birthday party, or “mañanita,” was held for Sinas last May, in violation of quarantine protocols. Sinas and party guests were not wearing masks and no practicing social distancing, as seen on photos posted by the NCRPO on social media. Sinas and 18 of his men were later charged for violating Republic Act No. 1132, or the Mandatory Reporting of Notifiable Diseases and Health Events of Public Health Concern Act. The case has not been resolved.

    Several sectors are questioning his appointment as PNP chief because the incident which earned him the tag “mañanita general.”

    In the assumption rites yesterday, Sinas said that in the campaign against COVID-19, he “will ensure that health of our PNP personnel will not be comprised.”

    “Adherence to the health standards and protocols will be strongly enforced,” he added.

    Sinas urged all policemen to “volt in”, taking a cue from his favorite cartoon series Voltes V.

    The theme song of Voltes V was played while Sinas’ personal flag was being raised during the turnover ceremony.

    “We will solidly volt in in one aspiration of achieving our mandate as servants of peace,” said Sinas. Sinas vowed that the rule of law will be upheld during his incumbency.

    “If you are not going to volt in with us, it is going to be Voltes V who will lead you,” said Sinas, apparently referring to himself as Voltes V

    “As the father of the PNP, what i want is simple: We should walk the talk in the PNP. Let us work according to our mandate, toward a safe and peaceful community,” he said.

    Interior Secretary Eduardo Año said President Duterte, during command conference Monday night, ordered Sinas to focus his attention on the war against drugs and the fight against the communist movement.

    Cascolan, who was also present during the command conference, said they
    Cascolan said there was discussion about why the President decided chose Sinas to be his successor.

    He said the race for PNP was actually between Sinas and Lt. Gen. Guillermo Eleazar, PNP deputy chief for administration.

    “The trust and confidence of the President is with Sinas,” said Cascolan.

    Sinas and Eleazar are classmates at the Philippine Military Academy Class of 1987. Sinas is retiring in May next year and Eleazar in April.

    Meanwhile, Año said Calabarzon regional police director Brig. Gen. Vicente Danao is being considered to succeed Sinas as NCRPO chief.