Senate panel seeks creation of transportation safety board


    THE Senate public services committee has recommended the creation of a body that will investigate all transportation accidents and regulate compliance with safety standards.

    Attached to Committee Report No. 8 was Senate Bill No. 1077, a result of the consolidation of two measures authored by Sens. Grace Poe and Ramon Revilla, Jr.

    The proposed entity would be called the National Transportation Safety Board.

    In a statement, Poe, the committee chairperson, said the bill would be soon debated in the plenary.

    She stressed the need for a single body to focus on accident investigations and issue findings to improve the government’s safety- related measures.

    “It should be the go-to body for conducting accurate, thorough and independent investigations and for producing timely and well-considered recommendations to improve transportation safety,” Poe said.

    “The body will determine what can be done to improve regulations, training or certain aspects of the vehicle or the environment to prevent future accidents,” she added.

    The proposed NTSB would have original jurisdiction over air, highway, rail, pipeline and maritime accidents.