Rody ends ‘rest,’ meets with farmers Friday


    PRESIDENT Duterte will be back in the public eye tomorrow when he holds a dialogue with farmers in North Cotabato.

    Sen. Christopher Go, in a chance interview in Malacañang, said the President’s “work from home” and “rest” will end today.

    Go, Duterte’s former special assistant, said the farmers requested the dialogue and the President promised to visit and listen to them.

    He said the public could expect the President to have a more hectic schedule next week after resting for a few days.

    The President is scheduled to be in South Korea from November 25 to 26 for the Association of Southeast Asian Nations-Republic of Korea Commemorative Summit in Busan.

    Go said if it were up to the President, he would keep on working instead of taking a complete rest. He said this is why he continued to work from his home in Davao City during his three-day break from official engagements that started Tuesday.

    Go said Duterte’s staying in Davao for several days and just focusing on backlog in paperwork is not new. He said Duterte’s “comfort zone” is his home and there, he feels he can take a much-needed rest even if he has to read documents and briefers.

    He also said the President usually devotes at least a week every month to stay in Mindanao, visiting police and military camps in the southernmost region even if he has no official public engagement.

    Go assured the public Duterte is well and just needs to rest and catch up on his sleep.

    He said the President does not want to rest even if his physicians have advised him to.
    Duterte last month figured in a minor motorcycle accident and was told by his physician to rest and take some pain medications after he complained of severe back and pelvic pains.