Release of PNP probe result on narco-cops set this week


    THE Philippine National Police yesterday said the submission to President Duterte of its findings on the adjudication process against 356 narco policemen will be delayed by two days.

    Instead of the original target of March 5 or on Thursday set by PNP chief Gen. Archie Gamboa, police spokesman Brig. Gen. Bernard Banac said the result will be given to the President on March 7.

    “Just a little adjustment in date to accommodate and complete the arduous task of adjudication,” Banac said without elaborating.

    Gamboa had announced that he intends to submit the result of the adjudication process to President Duterte during a command conference scheduled on March 5.

    The police chief announced the conduct of the adjudication process against the original 357 policemen on the narco list in the possession of Duterte on February 10, or three days after meeting with them in Camp Crame.

    The list was later reduced to 356 because after S/Sgt. Ronaldo Barrameda was shot dead by an unidentified suspect in Biñan City on February 5.

    On Wednesday last week, Banac said some of the regional adjudication boards have already forwarded their findings to Camp Crame, prompting the convening of the national adjudication board.

    Among those in the list of narco policemen is Lt. Col. Jovie Espenido, a poster boy of the government’s war on drugs. Espenido has described as a product of “intelligence failure” his inclusion in the list.

    Western Visayas regional police director Brig. Gen. Rene Pamuspusan has cleared Espenido from any links with illegal drugs in his jurisdiction, particularly during the latter’s assignment as Bacolod City deputy chief for operation from October last year to February this year.

    Pamuspusan said it would be up to the national adjudication board to determine if Espenido is indeed linked with illegal drugs during his previous assignments in other regions.

    Gamboa has warned that policemen or intelligence officer who will be found to have maliciously included names of police officers in the narco list will be investigated and sanctioned accordingly.