Red Cross gives polio vaccine to over 150K children


    THE Philippine Red Cross yesterday reported that it surpassed its goal of 100,000 and administered the oral polio vaccine to more than 150,000 children aged five and below.

    PRC chairman Richard Gordon said the agency reached 155,530 children in its OPV campaign in the National Capital Region and Mindanao that began last November 25 and ended earlier this month.

    “We are happy that parents are very cooperative and fully aware of the importance of vaccinations in maintaining a healthy society,” said Gordon.

    In Metro Manila, 91,915 children were given the vaccine, an achievement of 184 percent of the NCR initial goal of 50,000. The OPV campaign covered 63,615 children in Mindanao, representing a 127 percent achievement of the 50,000 initialtarget.

    The PRC deployed a total of 1,200 trained volunteers and 90 staff members to 15 cities in Metro Manila and 65 cities and municipalities in Mindanao. – Gerard Naval