Pulse Asia survey: Rody enjoys 91% trust rating


    NINE out of 10 Filipinos trust and approve of the performance of President Duterte in the last three quarters of the year while more than a majority also trust and approve the performance of Vice President Leni Robredo, Senate President Vicente Sotto III and Speaker Alan Peter Cayetano, the September 14 to 20 Ulat sa Bayan survey of Pulse Asia showed.

    The survey results said the President is the most approved and trusted government official with a 91 percent approval rating in September (up from 87 percent in December 2019) and a 91 percent trust rating (up from 83 percent).

    Duterte’s disapproval rating stayed at 5 percent while his distrust rating went down to 3 percent in September (from 6 percent in December).

    The survey, which involved 1,200 adult respondents with a ±2.8 percent margin of error, showed that amid issues about the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic and different classifications of lockdowns, the issues hounding the Philippine Health Insurance Corp., and the pardon granted to American serviceman Joseph Scott Pemberton, among others, many Filipinos still trust Duterte.

    The same survey said Sotto is the second highest approved and trusted official in the country with an unchanged 84 percent approval rating and a trust rating of 79 percent (from 78 percent) while Cayetano suffered a 10-point drop with a 70 percent approval score (down from 80 percent), and 67 percent trust score (down from 76 percent).

    Reacting to the survey results, Sotto said: “Thank you! It’s nice to know that our people acknowledge my effort as the leader of the Senate. I will continue to remain consistent and commit to work hard even during these uncertain times.”

    Sotto’s disapproval rating was almost unchanged at 6 percent (from 5 percent) and his distrust rating remained at 5 percent while Cayetano’s disapproval rating went up to 10 percent (from 6 percent) and distrust rating to 9 percent (from 6 percent).

    Robredo ranked fourth in terms of public approval and trust with a 57 percent (almost unchanged from 58 percent) approval score and a 50 percent (down from 53 percent) trust rating. Her disapproval and distrust ratings stood at 22 percent (both from 20 percent).

    Chief Justice Diosdado Peralta was the least approved and trusted of the five officials with a 44 percent approval score and 39 percent trust score, while his disapproval and distrust ratings were both at 13 percent.

    Majority approval ratings across geographic areas and socio-economic classes are enjoyed by the President (88 percent to 97 percent, and 88 percent to 95 percent, respectively), the Senate President (80 percent to 86 percent to 73 percent to 88 percent, respectively), and Speaker (62 percent to 88 percent and 68 percent to 79 percent, respectively).

    Except for Metro Manila, the Vice-President also had majority approval scores in other areas (54 percent to 67 percent), and across the different socio-economic groupings (55 percent to 62 percent), while Peralta only recorded majority approval scores in Metro Manila (55 percent), Mindanao (52 percent), and Class E (61 percent).

    Majority trust ratings across geographic areas and socio-economic classes were also enjoyed by Duterte (89 percent to 95 percent, and 81 percent to 96 percent, respectively), Sotto (67 percent to 86 percent, and 70 percent to 84 percent, respectively), and Cayetano (62 percent to 71 percent and 66 percent to 74 percent, respectively).

    Robredo enjoyed majority trust ratings scores in the Visayas (66 percent) and Luzon (50 percent), and socio-economic groupings E (60 percent) and ABC (54 percent), while Peralta recorded majority trust ratings in Class E (57 percent).

    Presidential spokesman Harry Roque said Malacanang is thankful of the continued approval and trust on the President even as he criticized Robredo for engaging in “politicking.”

    “Tingin ko gusto ng taumbayan na hindi namumulitika sa panahon ng pandemya (I think the public is not in favor of politicking at this time of pandemic),” he said, adding the public believes that Duterte was not politicking when he talks about anti-COVID efforts.

    “Naku, Madam VP, mukhang tama ang aking sinabi – ayaw ata ng Pilipino ang namumulitika sa panahon ng pandemya. Subukan po nating itigil ang pulitika baka po tumaas nang mas mataas sa 50 percent ang trust rating at mas mataas pa po sa 57 percent ang performance rating (Madam VP, it appears that I am correct. The Filipinos are against politicking. Let us try stopping politicking and your trust rating might go up higher than 50 percent and performance rating above 57 percent),” he added.

    Pulse Asia said the majority of people also approved the performance of the Senate (71 percent), the House of Representatives (65 percent), and the Supreme Court (61 percent).

    Across geographic areas and socio-economic groupings, majority of people approved the performance of Senate (66 percent to 78 percent and 69 percent to 80 percent, respectively), the House of Representatives (58 percent to 75 percent and 64 percent to 69 percent, respectively), and the Supreme Court (56 percent to 76 percent and 59 percent to 73 percent, respectively).