PSG gets disinfection tents, other donations

    Quarantine tent set-up at the PSG compount.

    THE Presidential Security Group (PSG) has received sets of disinfection tents and other personal protective equipment (PPE) from private donors, boosting its efforts to keep President Duterte and the Malacañang complex safe from the coronavirus disease (COVID-19).

    Medical grade face masks.

    The PSG, in a Facebook post, thanked the donors for “doing your share in protecting our President. We are all #ProtectorsOfChange.”

    Asked if the donation came from the Chinese government, PSG spokeswoman Capt. Zeerah Blanche Lucrecia said “negative.”

    Photos of several boxes of the disinfectant tents and PPE were marked with Chinese characters.

    “Our PSG troopers express and extend our sincerest appreciation to all tne donors, who preferred to remain unsung, for helping our PSG troopers in implementing a more stringent set of security and safety measures in Malacañang amid the COVID-19 health crisis that the country is currently facing,” the PSG post said.

    It added that the donations are five decontamination tents, 3,000 pieces of masks,  9,000 pairs of gloves, 460 pieces of surgical gowns, and 300 pieces of disposable face shields.

    The decontamination booths will be stationed at the PSG headquarters and the Malacañang Complex.

    PSG Commander Col. Jesus Durante III on Friday ordered a lockdown of the PSG compound as he ordered all members of the PSG to undergo self-quarantine from March 28 until April 10, including their family members who are living inside the PSG compound.

    “The Presidential Security Group has the sole and unique mandate of protecting the President of the Republic. By ensuring the good health condition of the PSG troopers means deploying competent and able personnel who are not themselves threats to the health of the President. In this premise, PSG will enforce a total lockdown starting midnight of 28 March until 10 April 2020. The lockdown only applies to all PSG personnel and their dependents who are staying at the PSG compound and Malacanang complex,” Durante’s order said.

    Lucrecia said that despite undergoing quarantine, “all (PSG) operations continue, most specially when it comes to safeguarding the President and Malacañang.”

    The PSG also said that all offices in the Malacañang Complex, most especially in Malacañan Palace, will continue to operate, with the skeletal force being subjected to regular screening procedures before being allowed to entry to the complex.

    “All these stringent security measures that will be implemented by PSG intend not only to ensure the safety of its personnel and Malacañang employees, but ultimately, to safeguard the health of the President amid the existing health crisis brought about by COVID-19” it added.

    The Philippines now has 1418 confirmed COVID-19 cases, with 71 deaths and 42 recovered.

    The President had declared a public health emergency in the county due to the COVID-19 and placed the entire Philippines under a state of calamity. An enhanced community quarantine is also implemented in the entire Luzon island.