PRC nears 100K target in polio vaccination drive


    IN just three days, the Philippine Red Cross has zeroed in on its target to administer the oral polio vaccine to 100,000 kids aged 5-and-below.

    PRC chairman Richard Gordon said the drive being held in line with the Department of

    Health’s vaccination program has benefitted 78,479 kids so far since November 25, meaning only 21,521 more kids need to be vaccinated for the agency to realize its target.
    Gordon said 41,810 kids were vaccinated in Metro Manila and 36,669 were given the vaccine in Mindanao.

    “In just three days, we already hit 78 percent of our target number of children to be vaccinated,” said Gordon.

    The Red Cross has mobilized 1,181 volunteers and 70 staff to conduct house-to-house visits to give Oral Polio Vaccine to all kids aged 5-and-blow in Metro Manila and Mindanao.

    The PRC campaign is being held in cooperation with the DOH from November 25 to December 7.

    Eight cases of the dreaded polio virus have been confirmed by the DOH, seven of them in Mindanao. The other one is from Laguna.

    Samples taken by the DOH from July 1 to November 6 around the country showed that 26 out of 142 samples tested positive for the dreaded virus, which supposedly was eradicated in the country in 1999.