PNP a victim of ‘digital vandalism’


    THE PNP yesterday denounced the “digital vandalism” on the walls of its headquarters in Camp Crame in Quezon City where the vandals posted a caricature of President Duterte, with “wanted” markings through visual projection.

    The attack, which was perpetrated by a group called Concerned Artists of the Philippines (CAP), occurred on the eve of the commemoration of the 34th anniversary of the EDSA People Power revolution.

    “The PNP laments the latest expressive attack by vandals on the walls of Camp Brig. Gen Rafael T. Crame, a national historical site where the unfolding events of the EDSA People Power Revolution happened in 1986,” said Banac.

    The CAP explained its “digital graffiti” on the EDSA gate of Camp Crame in its Facebook page.

    “Artists lit the walls of Camp Crame with digital images denouncing the various forms of human rights abuses carried out by the Duterte administration,” it said.

    CAP said the move was part of a campaign among artists and cultural workers, dubbed Artist Fight Back, which it claimed is meant to “expose the government’s accountability for the successive attacks to our freedom of expression and public participation, civil and human rights, socio-economic and environmental rights, and democracy.”

    The group projected on Camp Crame’s walls a caricature of Duterte with markings “wanted,” “terorista” and “taksil.”

    The incident took place about 400 to 500 meters away from the People Power Monument, where presidential adviser for entrepreneurship and concurrent EDSA Power Commission vice chairman Joey Concepcion led the celebration on Tuesday.

    “Although the vandals did not leave any visible mark, the fact that the attack targeted a national historical site on the same day that the country commemorates the anniversary of the EDSA People Power Revolution makes it totally deplorable,” said Banac.

    “Much as we respect the freedom of the vandals to express their sentiments, we believe this freedom has limits and must not step beyond national interest,” he added.