PhilHealth increases free hemodialysis sessions to 144


    THE Philippine Health Insurance Corporation (PhilHealth) has raised the number free of hemodialysis sessions fro members from 90 to 144 as it continued coverage until December 31.

    Earlier, the Coalition for People’s Right to Health asked the state insurer to extend its hemodialysis coverage beyond the yearly limit of 90 sessions.

    PhilHealth president and chief executive officer Dante Gierran, in a statement released late Monday, said the board of directors approved on November 11 “the continuing coverage of hemodialysis sessions beyond the 90-session limit to a maximum of 144 sessions.”

    While official guidelines have yet to be published, Gierran said, all PhilHealth regional offices and concerned healthcare facilities are directed to “continue honoring all availments beyond the 90-session limit as duly prescribed by a licensed physician.”

    For patients who have paid for hemodialysis sessions, they are requested to file their claims with the nearest PhilHealth office, he said.

    Gierran said all 144 sessions can be availed of until December 31.

    It was back in 2015 when PhilHealth ordered the expansion of the hemodialysis coverage to 90 from 45 sessions per year.

    Hemodialysis is a medical procedure done on patients whose kidneys no longer remove enough wastes and fluid from their blood to keep them healthy.

    Hemodialysis is usually done 3 times a week in a hospital or in an independent dialysis center.