Palace guests, personnel required to fill up health form


    MALACAÑANG is requiring all Palace officials, personnel, and guests to fill up a health declaration form which asks if they have been sick in the last month or had traveled to any place in the country or abroad in the last two weeks before they are allowed entry.

    The one-page “declaration form” was issued by the Office of the President-Events Management Cluster.

    The forms were distributed before a mass oath-taking event but an official said the form-filling requirement started Wednesday.

    The forms are filled up even by ranking government officials, members of President Aquino’s close-in party and security, apart from guests seeking entry to the main Palace were the President holds office.

    Among others, the form asks if a person had been sick in the last 30 days and what ailment; if they he has traveled abroad; where in the last 14 days in the Philippines he has been or passed through; and if he has been in contact with any farm or wild animal and what kind.

    Those who are sick are discouraged from entering the Palace.

    An official said the issuance of a declaration form is part of the measures to prevent the spread of the 2019 novel coronavirus (nCoV) that originated from China and has killed at least 560 persons as of yesterday. The Philippines has three confirmed cases as of Wednesday.

    The Presidential Security Group started wearing masks early this week and has been urging the guests at the Malacañang complex to use alcohol or sanitizer before entering the premises. Thermal scans are also used at each gate.

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