PAF repairing 7 Huey choppers using spare parts donated by Japan


    SEVEN UH-1 or Huey combat utility helicopters are being restored or repaired by the Philippine Air Force using spare parts that were donated by the Japanese government a few months ago.

    Air Force spokesman Maj. Aristides Galang said the spare parts were inspected by the 205th Tactical Helicopter Wing on Saturday and subsequently “accepted and delivered to the end-user” the following day.

    Galang said restoration of the helicopters began on Monday, using the spare parts that included main rotor blades, tail rotor blades, and tail rotor driveshaft.

    The items were part of the P200 million worth of spare parts donated and delivered by Japanese government, through the Japanese ministry of defense, to the Philippine Air Force on March 19 at the Clark Air Base in Pampanga.

    Japan donated the spare parts to bring back to operational status a number of Huey helicopters of the 205th Tactical Helicopter Wing that are grounded for repair at the Clark Air Base.

    Huey helicopters serve as the work horse of the military in terms of troop and supply transport, medical evacuation, fire support, and conduct of humanitarian assistance and disaster response, among others.

    “The restoration and maintenance of UH-1 aircraft are vital in performing missions such as humanitarian assistance and disaster response, transport, intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance activity of the PAF,” said Galang.