Pacquiao to fund 13 TV channels for DepEd’s learning module


    SEN. Manny Pacquiao yesterday said he will shoulder the expenses to be incurred by 13 TV channels that will be used by the Department of Education in its distance learning program this school year.

    Pacquiao said the funds will come from his personal savings, adding this is one way of helping poor students who cannot afford to buy gadgets and has no internet access for online learning.

    He said he managed to strike a deal with the telecommunications industry for the use of the 13 TV channels at no cost on the government and students.

    “I came from a poor family and I know how it is to be poor. I know that internet coverage in the country is not yet 100 percent, that even if you have money to buy a laptop or gadget, you cannot be sure that every day lessons can reach your home,” Pacquiao said.
    For classes set to start on October 5, DepEd will use blended learning through the use of modules, online learning, and radio and TV.

    Reports said most students in far-flung areas complain of very poor internet connection.

    The DepEd’s Office of the Undersecretary for Administration, through the Information and Communications Technology Service, will be in charge of the use of radio and TV in the blended learning system.