Ombudsman’s 2019 performance: Case survival up, conviction rate down


    THE Office of the Ombudsman posted marked improvements in key performance indicators in 2019 compared to the previous year, the anti-corruption agency’s 3rd Quarter Physical Report of Operation released last month showed, although its conviction rate saw a decline over the same period.

    For the first nine months of 2019, the Ombudsman reported a 40.18 percent survival rate for cases filed against erring government officials.

    In real numbers, this translates to 133 out of 331 cases that survived challenges by the defense on sufficiency of evidence. There were 198 cases thrown out due to inadequate documentary and testimonial support.

    In 2018, the full-year case survival rate was only 30.24 percent, representing 75 cases that remained out of 248 with 173 cases dismissed for lack of evidence.

    From January to September 2019, public officials who were held liable in various administrative cases challenged 395 Ombudsman decisions before the appellate courts.

    The courts, however, sustained the Ombudsman in 358 of these cases equivalent to 90.63 percent of cases affirmed.