Nursing board chair seeks fair treatment for health workers


    THE Professional Regulation Commission – Board of Nursing (PRC-BoN) is asking the public to respect health workers taking care of persons afflicted with the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) and to treat them fairly.

    “Just like you, they too have those fears that you harbor. And that is the reason they are taking all the extra precautionary measures to avoid acquiring the disease or transmitting the disease indirectly,” said PRC-BoN chairwoman Glenda Arquiza in an open letter.

    “We call on our fellow countrymen, aside from staying at home for us, please do not discriminate against nor stigmatize our nurses,” Arquiza also said.

    There have been reports of medical personnel and hospital workers being physically assaulted, discriminated, and harassed in the streets and being asked to leave their rented apartments.

    Arquiza also appealed to hospital administrators “to treat their personnel, not just nurses, fairly and humanely, with regard to compensation, the provision of appropriate PPE (personal protective equipment), the strict observance of the need for quarantine, adequate sleeping quarters and meals, and safe transportation.”