Makati posts highest coverage rate in Metro oral polio vaccination drive


    MAKATI City posted the highest coverage rate in the 14-day oral polio vaccination (OPV) drive among 17 cities in Metro Manila, according to a report of the Department of Health.

    The report, dated Oct. 27, 2019, showed a total of 52,978 children aged five and below in the city were vaccinated between Oct. 14 to 27, or 106.76 percent of the city’s target population of 49,623 in the said age group.

    Taguig City stood in second place with a 105.91 percent coverage rate while Quezon City was third with 103.93 percent.

    Makati Mayor Abby Binay thanked Makati residents, especially parents, for their full cooperation in the latest oral polio vaccination drive in Metro Manila.

    “I am happy that our Makatizens have extended their full cooperation to the city government and had their children vaccinated against the polio virus. It is a simple but truly effective way to prevent a full resurgence of polio in the country,” Binay said.

    She also reminded Makati residents that it is not only polio that can be prevented by timely vaccination. She encouraged parents to continue supporting vaccination campaigns and to religiously bring their children to the city’s health centers. – Rod Lagusad