Gov’t satisfaction rating goes south


    THE Duterte government saw its net public satisfaction rating going down by six points in the third quarter of the year, the September 27-30 survey of the Social Weather Stations (SWS) showed.

    The survey, which involved 1,800 adult respondents nationwide with a margin of error of ±2.3 percent, showed the Duterte administration scoring a net satisfaction score of +67 (77 percent satisfied, 10 percent dissatisfied) in the third quarter, down from +73 (82 percent satisfied, 9 percent dissatisfied) in the second quarter.

    SWS said the administration also saw its net satisfaction rating (satisfaction rating minus dissatisfaction rating) classified as “very good” in September which is a downgrade from its “excellent” score in June.

    Chief Presidential Legal Counsel Salvador Panelo, concurrent presidential spokesman, said despite the decline in the overall net satisfaction rating, the survey showed that a great majority of the Filipinos are still satisfied with the performance of President Duterte and his administration.

    The poll group classifies net satisfaction ratings of +70 and above as “excellent;” +50 to +69, “very good;” +30 to +49, “good;” +10 to +29, “moderate;” +9 to –9, “neutral;” –10 to –29, “poor;” –30 to –49, “bad;” –50 to –69, “very bad;” –70 and below, “execrable;” and considers the movement from one classification to another as either an “upgrade” or “downgrade.”

    The SWS attributed the decrease to the decline of 10 points in Mindanao (+70 from +80), 10 points in Luzon (+63 from +73), and 1 point in the Visayas (+70 from +71), combined with a 12-point increase in Metro Manila (+71 from +59); and the drop of 7 points among socio economic class D (+66 from +73), and 5 points in class E (+68 from +73) combined with the improvement of 18 points among class ABC (+78 from +60).

    The survey also found that of 16 specific issues currently faced by the country, the Duterte government received a decline in satisfaction rating in most issues while scoring a “very good” net satisfaction ratings on 3 subjects, “good” on 11 subjects, “moderate” on 1 subject, and “neutral” on 1 subject.

    The SWS’ “Governance Report Card” showed the administration getting “very good” net satisfaction ratings on the areas of helping the poor (+62 in September 2019 down from +70 in June 2019), providing information needed by the citizens to properly examine what the government is doing (+54), and having clear policies (+53 in September 2019 down from +40 in June 2018).

    The administration scored “good” on fighting terrorism (+49 in September 2019 down from +55 in June 2019), developing a healthy economy (+48 from +27 in September 1998), protecting the freedom of the press (+47 in September down from +56 in June), acting according to what the people want (+44 in September 2019 from +23 in March 2011), fighting crimes (+43 down from +50), and reconciliation with Muslim rebels (+40 down from +46).

    The national government also received “good” net satisfaction scores on foreign relations (+39 down from +52), reconciliation with communist rebels (+38 down from +43), eradicating graft and corruption (+32 down from +39), recovering ill-gotten wealth of former President Ferdinand Marcos and his cronies (+30 down form +41), and defending Philippine sovereignty in the West Philippine Sea (+30 down from +34).

    It also scored a “moderate” net satisfaction rating on the issue of ensuring that no family will ever be hungry and have nothing to eat (+28 down from +34), and a “neutral” net public satisfaction score on fighting inflation (+5 down from +14).

    “The rating, classified by the independent pollster as very good, demonstrates that a significant number of our countrymen possess discernment that can stand and see beyond the endless politicking managed by the opposition, as well as the rhetorical aspersions peddled by the President’s detractors, critics and skeptics,” Panelo said.

    “While the satisfaction ratings of PRRD beginning his assumption to the presidency are incomparable to his predecessors, he could not care less about these scores because for him, the true measure of proper governance and public service is accomplishing the job entrusted to him by the electorate without expecting any reward for it,” he added.