Gatchalian: Public schools 90% ready for opening of classes


    SEN. Sherwin Gatchalian yesterday said public schools are 90 percent ready for the opening of classes on August 24 based on his coordination with the Department of Education.

    In an interview on dzBB, Gatchalian, Gatchalian, the Senate committee on basic education chairman, said he has been assured by the DepEd that all will be well come the opening of classes next month despite claims to the contrary by critics.

    He said the more than 200 school divisions are coping with the time frame set by the DepEd on printing learning modules that will be distributed to students who do not have access to the internet.

    Gatchalian said the learning modules will have two parts—one for the parents, the other for the students. He said the modules contain clear instructions on how students will learn and will be collected by the teachers at the end of each week for assessment.

    He said a mapping system will be done by the DepEd to determine which areas will use the module system or use the internet as the system of learning.

    Gatchalian said this kind of learning will have to continue until a cure or vaccine is developed for COVID-19. He expressed second thoughts on proposals to allow face-to-face learning in areas with low transmission of the deadly virus.

    “In this kind of situation that we are experiencing a spike in active cases, as the areas with no COVID infections are now having infections. While we are under the GCQ (general community quarantine) and people are allowed to travel, there is a bigger chance that COVID will be transmitted. It will not be safe for parents and the teachers,” Gatchalian said.