Gamboa to PNP regional chiefs: Stop gambling or be sacked


    PNP CHIEF Gen. Archie Gamboa yesterday said he would relieve regional police directors who will fail to take action against illegal gambling operations in their areas.

    Gamboa said he has furnished the police commanders a list of gambling lords and syndicates prepared by the various police units.

    “I have given the regional directors all the names forwarded to me by different units and if you don’t do anything about it, you will be answerable for inaction,” Gamboa told regional directors.

    Gamboa said policemen in the regions should go after all forms of gambling, both big and small.

    On his instructions to the regional police directors, Gamboa said, “First, do not take anything from it. Second, do aggressive operations to convince me that you are not receiving something because if you don’t do aggressive operations and you don’t start relieving your chiefs of police, then I will not be convinced that you are doing something about it.”

    Gamboa said some policemen are probably protecting gambling syndicates.

    “If gambling is thriving (in a specific area), it’s natural that some (policemen) are protecting,” he said.