Gamboa: 14 narco-cops ready to retire early


    PNP chief Gen. Archie Gamboa yesterday said 14 police officers included in the narco-list submitted to President Duterte have expressed intention to avail of his early retirement offer.

    The President has a list of 357 corrupt police officers who are under investigation for their alleged participation in the illegal drugs trade in the country.

    “Gladly as of yesterday, we have 14 who wanted to avail of this optional retirement. But I made it clear to them that it doesn’t mean that when you optionally retire, we’re not going after you,” Gamboa said.

    The PNP chief offered the narco-cops the option to retire early after meeting with them last Friday, when he told the errant cops that President Duterte has ordered him to “investigate, adjudicate and validate” the information against them.

    Gamboa said no charges will be pursued against the policemen who will go on early retirement but stressed the PNP will run after them if they continue to involve themselves in the illegal drugs business.

    “If they go on optional retirement, it doesn’t mean you are off the hook already, you’re safe. Do not go back to drugs. If you continue to be involved, we are going to place you on another list, this is the national watch list of the PNP,” he warned.

    Gamboa said two things can happen to the narco cops who will not go on early retirement: “It’s either you’re cleared or you’re not. So if you are not cleared, we will pursue a case against you. I told you that we will apply the full force of the law to you if we confirmed you are engaged in illegal drugs either as protector or user.”

    Meanwhile, Gamboa said he has ordered 46 policemen to be placed on Absent Without Official Leave (AWOL) after they failed to show up in a recent drug testing held in the various police precincts and districts in the country. He did not give details when and where the drug tests were conducted.

    “During that time, I ordered a drug test but there were 46 who were absent and my instruction is to already mark them AWOL,” said Gamboa.