Galunggong too costly? Buy vegetables: Villar


    THE public need not buy “galunggong” or round scad” as there are cheaper alternatives to the so-called poor man’s fish which now costs more than twice its regular price, Sen. Cynthia Villar said yesterday.

    “Kung mahal ang galunggong eh di huwag kumain ng galunggong, hindi ba? There are other alternatives… Bakit ba gusto niyo yung galunggong kung mahal ang galunggong? (If galunggong is too expensive, then don’t eat galunggong. There are alternatives… Why do want galunggong if it’s expensive?),” said Villar, chair of the Senate committee on agriculture and food.

    Villar also said high demand for galunggong would only encourage higher market prices.

    A kilo of galunggong used to cost just about P100 to P150. Over the weekend, it reached P350 a kilo.

    Villar said Filipinos can eat vegetables and other affordable-priced food items.

    Villar said the rising price of round scad was due to the high demand. She said the trade department should strictly monitor the price of that fish.

    Villar said she can only surmise there is a group manipulating the price of round scad so that government will resort to importation.

    “Yang galunggong na yan masyadong kontrobersyal. Gustong gusto nila mag-import, may naglalakad pa sa akin na bigyan daw sila ng import permit sa galunggong. Bakit ba patay na patay tayo? Mahal na ang galunggong wag kumain ng galunggong. Kumain ng other means which are cheaper and available. Dami namang choices bakit ba ini-insist yan?

    (That round scad has earned so much controversy. Some people even want to import that fish. Certain persons have approached me, asking for import permit. Why do we like round scad so much? Stop eating that while its price is high. There are other foods which are cheaper and are readily available in the market. We have a lot of choices. Why insist on round scad?),” she added.