Employers reminded of holiday pay rules


    EMPLOYEES who will report for work today shall be paid 200 percent of their daily wage for the first eight hours as the country observes Bonifacio Day, a regular holiday.

    In Labor Advisory 29, Secretary Silvestro Bello III said employees who will not report for work shall be paid 100 percent of their daily wage.

    For work done in excess of eight hours (overtime), Bello said the employees will be paid an additional 30 percent of their daily rate on top of the 200 percent they will receive for working on a regular holiday.

    If an employee reports for work on his rest day and also works overtime, he will get an additional 30 percent of his daily wage aside from the 200 percent he will get for working on a holiday and 30 percent for working on his rest day.

    “However, in view of the existence of a national emergency arising from the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) situation, employers are allowed to defer payment of the holiday pay on November 30, 2020, until such time that the present emergency situation has been abated and the normal operations of the establishments is in place,” Bello said.