Duterte would rather have them hanged


    IF it were up to him, President Duterte would have those arrested for selling illegal drugs hanged in a dark place.

    During his weekly public address last Monday, Duterte said he would not waste any bullets against members of drug syndicates who would be arrested and eventually continue their illegal operations while in detention or will be released from jail after buying their freedom.

    “I will hang you. I will not waste a bullet. If it were just me, and you were arrested, I will bring you to Bonifacio, to a dark area there. I will hang you. I will not waste a bullet. Bullets of M16 are expensive,” he said.

    Duterte had endorsed the reinstating of the death penalty against those involved in illegal drugs.

    The President, who ran on a promise of defeating illegal drugs within six months of his term, had expressed dismay over the continued operations of drug lords even from prison.

    Last week, Duterte defended his anti-drug campaign during the United Nations General Assembly, claiming that some critics and human rights advocates are weaponizing human rights issues to discredit his government.

    He also vowed to continue to protect the human rights of people from the scourge of illegal drugs, criminality, and terrorism.