Duterte to take break next week, says Go


    PRESIDENT Duterte will take a break from public engagements for a few days next week to take a much-needed rest, Sen. Christopher “Bong” Go said yesterday.

    Go, long-time aide of the President, belied reports the President is taking a leave of absence.

    He said the President only intends to stay and rest in Davao from November 11 to 13.
    Chief Presidential Legal Counsel Salvador Panelo, concurrent presidential spokesman, said he is not aware of any plan of the President to go on leave.

    He said while Duterte deserves to take a break, he will likely just reduce his activities and public engagements because he s a “workaholic.”

    Panelo said when the President goes missing form the public eye, he sometimes uses the time going through reports and reading laws before he signs any documents.

    He recalled that during their recent trip in Thailand, where Duterte attended the Association of Southeast Asian Nation Summit, some leaders had called attention to the President’s appearance as they described him as “overworked.”

    Panelo said in response, Philippine officials just said Duterte has been “working hard” and just had an accident which contributed to his appearance.

    Duterte had a motorcycle accident in October and Malacañang officials said the President suffered some bruises and scratches while Go said Duterte felt some pain in his pelvic and back area.

    He later underwent check-up and physicians said he suffers from muscle spasm and should take a rest apart from some pain medications.