Duterte sacks ambassador who maltreated helper


    PRESIDENT Duterte on Monday night dismissed and barred from future positions in government erstwhile Philippine ambassador to Brazil Marichu Mauro for maltreating one of her household helpers.

    The President, in his weekly “Talk to the People” address, said he approved the recommendation to dismiss Mauro from government and at the same “metes out the penalty of dismissal from the service with the accessory penalty of cancellation of eligibility, forfeiture of retirement benefits, perpetual disqualification from holding public office, and barred from taking civil service examination.”

    He said he had signed the document affirming the decision against Mauro.

    Presidential spokesman Harry Roque said Mauro’s sacking should serve as a lesson to everyone and remind everyone to treat people fairly and equally,

    “That is the penalty for maltreating her helper. The smaller people are close to the President’s heart. May this serve as a lesson to treat others – old, young, man, women, poor, rich, helpers, co-workers- right and equally,” he said.

    The Ambassador was caught on CCTV last year physically abusing her 51-year-old helper. Mauro, who was appointed as envoy to Brazil in February 2018, was recalled to the country and probed.