DOLE to run after recruiters of distressed OFWs in Syria


    LABOR Secretary Silvestre Bello III yesterday vowed to go after the recruiters of distressed overseas Filipino workers in Syria who were reportedly sexually abused by their employers or not paid their salaries.

    “We want to know the agencies that deployed them because we will hold them accountable,” Bello said in a televised public briefing.

    “They will be the ones that will be held liable for the misfortunes of our OFWs there. We will run after them. That’s all we can do about this,” he added.

    Bello said they have limited capabilities to go after the he employers, explaining that “we don’t have a field office there. We don’t know what is happening on the ground.”

    An article published in the Washington Post entitled “Sold into Syrian servitude, Filipina workers tell of abuse, rape, and imprisonment” detailed the misfortune of OFWs, who were recruited to work in the United Arab Emirates but were instead sent to Syria.