DOH: No need yet for travel ban to China


    DESPITE the threat posed by a “mysterious” disease from China, the Department of Health yesterday said there is yet no need to recommend a travel ban for Filipinos.

    Health Undersecretary Eric Domingo said the department is still assessing the situation and the degree of the threat of the mysterious viral pneumonia.

    “As of now, there is no need. We are still coordinating with the World Health Organization and the International Health Regulation if there is a need for a travel advisory,” he said.

    Nevertheless, Domingo said, the department is advising those going to China to take “extra precautions, such as bringing a facial mask,” to avoid getting the disease.

    If possible, Filipinos should not go to highly populated areas in China.

    “Avoid places with too many people and areas near the market, which is believed to have originated,” said Domingo.

    Over the weekend, the DOH said it is on alert for a possible entry of the reported mysterious disease from China.

    Chinese health officials have said they had ruled out common respiratory diseases, such as influenza, bird flu, and adenovirus infection, as the cause. – Gerard Naval

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