Docs told: Steer clear of vape industry


    THE Food and Drug Administration (FDA) yesterday warned all physicians in the country to avoid dealing with e-cigarette companies, just like they did with the tobacco industry.

    According to FDA Advisory No. 2019-501, all doctors in the country are expected to thumb down all requests for meetings or any type of engagements with representatives of the vaping industry.

    “Please advise all physicians, especially in the rank of Medical Officer, Medical Specialist, and Scientist, to deny all requests to engage with the tobacco/e-cigarette industry,” the FDA said, adding it will not look good in the public if physicians are seen in talks vape proponents.

    “Such engagements are inimical to the concord of medicine and public health, and reflect poorly on our commitment to protect the Filipino people from harm,” the FDA said.

    The health agency noted that e-cigarettes (electronic nicotine and non-nicotine delivery systems, heated tobacco products) have been proven to introduce new risks above and over those present in traditional combustible cigarettes.

    It added that both the reduced exposure and the reduced risk claims of e-cigarettes have been debunked and led to a call from the American Medical Association to ban vaping products.

    The FDA also said that such products have been found to be gateway options for subsequent tobacco and illicit drug use, especially for the youth.