DICT usec quits


    ELISEO Rio has resigned as undersecretary of the Department of Information and Communications.

    Rio reported for work yesterday. He said he was waiting Malacañang’s approval of his resignation.

    There was no word from Malacañang as to what action President Duterte has taken on his resignation letter dated January 30.

    Rio, who led the search for the country’s third telecommunications provider and the crafting of a common tower policy, said he has difficulty working with some officials appointed by Information Secretary Gregorio Honasan II for the department’s major projects which include the common tower policy, third telecommunications company, and DICT’s partnership with Facebook.

    Rio said DICT officials have been leaving him out of decisions.

    Rio is undersecretary for operations. In 2018 while he was acting secretary, he led the bidding process for the third mobile communications provider.

    He is opposing a P300-million budget for intelligence and confidential funds approved by secretary, saying it is not in the DICT’s mandate to conduct intelligence activities.

    Rio is a retired Army general who worked at the National Telecommunications Commission and Bayan Telecommunications before joining the DITC. He was officer in charge before Honasan, a former Army colonel, assumed the top DICT post.

    Rio said he resigned to give Honasan a free hand. He said Honasan is aware he could not work with some DICT officials.