Cops positive for drugs now problems of RDs


    PNP chief Debold Sinas has given police regional directors the authority to act on the administrative cases of policemen who test positive for use of illegal drugs during random drug tests.

    In a press briefing yesterday, Sinas said regional directors need to take over these cases because they only clog up the cases that the PNP Internal Affairs Service are handling.

    “I have already signed the directive that all cases related to random drug testing involving our personnel in relation to drugs should be resolved by the RDs (regional directors) immediately,” said Sinas.

    While the PNP has intensified its war against drugs, the PNP has also procured more drug testing kits to uncover cops hooked on illegal substances.

    “We are conducting regular drug tests on our people, particularly at the DEUs (Drug Enforcement Units) to detect who are using (illegal drugs),” said Sinas.

    Sinas said regional directors have to resolve administrative cases against policemen found using illegal drugs immediately, or in at least two months.

    Sinas said some policemen from the National Capital Region Office who tested positive for drug use when he was still the NCRPO director are still in the active service. He said some were even deployed to help in the fight against COVID-19, apparently because their commanders are not aware they have pending administrative cases. He said the policemen were recalled from duty.

    Yesterday, the PNP Crime Laboratory reported that 17 policemen and a civilian employee of the PNP tested positive for illegal drugs in random drug tests conducted last month and this month.

    “Those we caught in January, they are going to be our test case,” Sinas said.

    “I already told the RDs (regional directors), please resolve them. By March, we should see a resolution; these people are already dismissed from the service,” said Sinas, adding the cases will be monitored by the Directorate for Personnel and Records Management.

    While he wants a speedy resolution of these cases, Sinas said due process will be observed.

    “We still observe due process but we need to resolve in two months. If there are those who will not comply, they know the administrative charges that we will file against them,” Sinas added.