Citizen’s arrest for pooping in public?


    THE PNP yesterday said the public is allowed to make a citizens arrest after pictures of Chinese-looking persons defecating and urinating in public areas in Manila and Makati City went viral.

    PNP spokesman Brig. Gen. Bernard Banac said it is the duty of every Filipino to be involved in maintenance of peace and order.

    “That includes calling out anyone, both locals and foreigners who disrespect or violate laws and local ordinances and reporting the incident right away to authorities,” said Banac.

    “If the situation warrants, it is enshrined in our laws that we can exercise citizen’s arrest, and immediately turn over to proper authorities anyone apprehended for proper disposition,” added Banac.

    Banac urged foreign visitors, tourists, and workers “to respect and follow the country’s laws or face arrest.”

    Recently, a picture of a Chinese man defecating at the Baluarte de Dilao in Intramuros, Manila, and three Chinese men urinating along Ayala avenue in Makati City went viral.

    Banac said it would be better if people report such violations to persons in authority, like barangay officials, if they feel they will be harmed in the event they accost the violators.

    Banac said violators apprehended under citizens arrest may be turned over to barangay officials.