Bongbong Marcos: I’m doing OK, under quarantine


    AMID social media posts and speculations that former senator Ferdinand ‘Bongbong’ Marcos Jr. is very ill due to COVID-19, Sen. Imee Marcos yesterday said her brother felt “unwell” when he arrived from Spain but he is now “getting better at home.”

    “He came back from Spain unwell. Finally got a test two nights ago, getting better at home, wala pang (there is still no) result. Mom (former first lady Imelda Marcos) and I (are) OK,” Marcos said of her brother.

    Social media platforms have been abuzz since Wednesday night over posts suggesting that the former senator’s health was failing, with some even saying that he was intubated at a private hospital in Taguig City due to pneumonia.

    There were also talks that Marcos Jr.’s lungs have “collapsed” and that he was rushed to a Singapore hospital using a private plane owned by former Ilocos Sur governor and now Narvacan Mayor Luis “Chavit” Singson to get treatment.

    Imee denied the reports:“Nasa bahay, gumagaling, kumakain (He’s at home, recovering, eating well).”

    Marcos Jr., in his Facebook account, said everything is well as far as his health is concerned.

    “As my sister said, a few days ago I was feeling a little under the weather and as a result went to get checked. We are still waiting for the result. Fortunately, I feel much better and am getting stronger by the day,” Marcos Jr. said.

    He also said: “I am deeply touched and overwhelmed by your concern over my condition. Don’t worry, I am doing ok and contrary to popular belief, I am home on self-quarantine.”

    Lawyer Liza Marcos, the ex-senator’s wife, also belied the reports and thanked everyone who sent kind messages and show of concern for her husband. She said family members and all staff underwent COVID-19 testing and “fortunately, we all tested negative.”

    “Contrary to rumors currently circulating, my husband is well. His lungs did not collapse. He was not airlifted in Manong Chavit’s plane to get treatment in Singapore. He is not dying. Nor is he dead,” she added.

    To prove her claim Marcos Jr. Is well, she posted a picture of her husband in bed holding a copy of a broadsheet dated March 26, 2020.

    Meanwhile, Elections Commissioner Rowena Guanzon said she has decided to go on self-quarantine while waiting for the result of her COVID-19 test.

    In her Twitter account, Guanzon she is now a person under investigation (PUI) after she developed symptoms of the disease.

    “I would’ve graduated as a PUM (person under monitoring) on the 28th. But I’m coughing now and have difficulty breathing (asthma),” said Guanzon (@commrguanzon), adding: “Friends, I am now a PUI (person under investigation).”

    Guanzon said she decided to get tested because she is already a senior citizen and has pre-existing medical conditions. “I am 62, hypertensive, and asthmatic. I had chills, coughing a bit. So that’s a symptom,” she said.

    Under  guidelines of the Department of Health, PUIs with mild symptoms but are elderly and immuno-compromised are required to get tested for COVID-19.

    Guanzon said she has decided to undergo self-quarantine upon her return to Bacolod City despite having no history of travel abroad since February.

    However, she said she had close contact with a person who tested positive for COVID-19. – With Gerard Naval