Bill wants height requirement for job applicants removed


    A MEASURE which seeks to remove height restrictions for job applicants in both the public and private sector has been filed at the House by members of the party-list group Anti-Crime and Terrorism Community Involvement and Support (ACT-CIS).

    House Bill No. 7740, to be known as the “Height Equality Act,” states that height or the lack of it must not be a barrier to employment opportunities for Filipinos.

    Section 3 of the bill states: “Based on the principle of equal opportunity for employment in the country, all height restrictions in relation to job applicants in the public and private sector are hereby lifted; provided, that (the) candidate shall still undergo the same fundamental training and basic requirements imposed upon taller recruits to qualify for the job.”

    Rep. Eric Yap, chair of the committee on appropriations, said there are jobs that have minimum height requirements, even for “normal job postings” like for factory workers.

    He said height should not be a hindrance for as long as a person can perform the tasks and responsibilities that his or her job require “so it’s high time that we level the playing field.”
    Aside from Yap, the members of the party-list group are Jocelyn Tulfo and Niña Taduran.