BI to foreigners: List-up only until March 1


    THE Bureau of Immigration yesterday reminded foreign they have until March 1 to appear in person and register with the bureau.

    The annual registration, according to Immigration Commissioner Jaime Morente, is in compliance with the Alien Registration Act of 1950 that requires all foreigners in the country with immigrant and non-immigrant visas to report in person to the bureau within the first 60 days of every calendar year.

    Morente said failure to comply may “result in fines, visa cancellation, imprisonment or deportation.”

    “As in previous years, this year’s annual report of aliens will not be extended,” he added.

    Morente said foreigners who have not yet reported personally should register with the BI’s online appointment system at http:/ to obtain their slot.

    “Eight hundred slots for the annual report are available every day while Saturdays are reserved for bulk entities and remote reporting for bulk applicants,” he said.

    As of end-January, a total of 77,303 foreigners have already reported to the BI.

    The number is 10 percent less than the 86,683 who complied in the same period last year.

    Of these, 19,166 appeared at the BI’s main office in Manila while the remaining 58,137 reported in different immigration offices throughout the country.

    BI Alien Registration Division Chief Jose Carlitos Licas said those who are out of the country during the 60-day registration period can still report to the bureau within 30 days upon their return to the country.