BI personnel in uniform can’t make ‘Tiktok’ videos


    THIS will be a big letdown for “Tiktok” fans.

    Immigration Commissioner Jaime Morente yesterday issued an order barring Bureau of Immigration employees from making “Tiktok” videos if they are wearing the agency’s uniform.

    Morente issued the order after several “Tiktok” videos of airport immigration officers surfaced online.

    He said those who will defy the ban will be charged administratively for insubordination and conduct prejudicial to the interest of the service.

    Morente said he wants the bureau’s regulations on uniforms strictly enforced.

    “Our policy on the wearing of BI uniform is clear. As public servants and supposed model Filipinos, employees must proudly wear their uniforms at all times, present a professional image to the public and observe proper decorum and good taste in all their actions while they are on duty,” Morente said.

    He said “Tiktok” videos showing employees in uniform undermines the reputation of the bureau and creates a negative image, especially those deployed as frontline personnel in the country’s ports of entry.

    Morente added that by taking videos of themselves while they are at work, employees are violating a standing order prohibiting the use of mobile phones and other electronic gadgets while they are on duty.