Army activates 3 units to help in fight vs terrorism


    THE Philippine Army yesterday activated three units to augment the military’s fight against terrorist and communist forces throughout the country and for external defense posture.

    Army chief Lt. Gen. Macairog Alberto led the activation of the Aviation Regiment, 2nd Multiple Rocket Launch System Battery (2nd MRLSB) and 1st Land-Based Missile System Battery (1st LBMSB) during rites at Fort Magsaysay in Nueva Ecija.

    The Aviation Regiment is just an upgrade of the Aviation Battalion. The regiment will inherit the assets of the battalion, including a fleet of fixed-wing aircraft for special aviation mission.

    Alberto said the Army will be acquiring more assets for the Aviation Regiment, including light attack helicopters, armed reconnaissance helicopters, and multi-purpose medium-lift helicopters.

    “Through the upgraded Army Aviation Regiment as an integral component of our combined arms operations, our Army will have the capability to conduct a better array of aviation operations to support ground forces and be more responsive in the archipelagic setting in the defense posture,” said Alberto.

    The activation of the 2nd MRLSB and 1st LBMSB, under the Army Artillery Regiment, “will help augment the troop’s firepower in large-scale armed confrontation for internal defense and security engagements,” Alberto said.

    Army spokesman Lt. Col. Ramon Zagala said assets for the 2nd MRLSB and 1st LBMSB are due for delivery from South Korea.

    On the activation of the three units, Zagala said: “The weapon systems (of these units), we can use them towards any threat… These units that we created are actually in support of the air-land battle doctrine… These are the capabilities that we need to cut across all these threats,” added Zagala.