Anti-submarine ship set for deployment to Palawan


    AN anti-submarine corvette acquired from South Korea is due to be deployed to Palawan, fronting the contested West Philippine Sea, after completing endurance test tour of the country.

    “It just arrived (from the endurance test). It’s now preparing for deployment to Palawan,” Navy chief Vice Adm. Robert Empedrad said of BRP Conrado Yap.

    Yap, which arrived the country in August, is equipped with two 76 mm Oto Mela automatic guns, two Oto Breda 40 mm light cannons, two triple torpedo tubes, and a variety of sensors.

    The ship, formerly known as Republic of Korea Ship Chungju, was donated to the Philippine Navy after the South Koreans decommissioned it three years ago. It served under the South Korean Navy for 29 years.

    Shortly after its arrival in the Philippines, Navy officials said BRP Conrado Yap will first go around the country as part of the endurance test before it will given a specific assignment.