African woman deported for faking identity


    AN African woman was deported by the Bureau of Immigration (BI) on Tuesday after she was arrested by airport personnel for trying to pass herself off as a Portuguese when she arrived at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA).

    BI Intelligence Division chief Fortunato Manahan Jr. said Fatoumata Tanou Diallo, 38, was apprehended by personnel from the bureau’s Travel Control and Enforcement Unit after she attempted to enter the country at around 4 p.m. via an Air Asia flight from Incheon, South Korea.

    Manahan said Diallo assumed the identity of her sister, Rugiaoto Djalo.

    “During inspection, our officer noticed that Diallo’s facial features did not match the picture in the passport she was carrying. She also failed to present other identification cards or any proof of her admission and departure from South Korea,” Manahan said.

    Her real identity was later discovered when she surrendered her Republique de Guinee passport which identified her as a Guinean.

    Manahan said Diallo was immediately returned to her port of origin and her name included in the immigration’s blacklist to prevent her re-entry to the country.

    Her Portuguese passport was confiscated for eventual turnover to the Portuguese embassy in Manila.