Advincula sees appointment as Pope’s message to faithful in ‘peripheries’


    CAPIZ Archbishop Jose Advincula yesterday expressed belief that his appointment as cardinal by Pope Francis was, in a way, a message of the Holy Father to the people in the “peripheries.”

    A report by CBCP News said Advincula believes his appointment could be a way to let people from far-flung areas feel the Church’s presence, Capiz being a lesser-known diocese.

    “This might be a way the Holy Father wants to convey to the people the presence of the Church in the peripheries,” Advincula said, adding it goes in accordance with his own belief on how the Church should do its mission.

    “I always thought that the Church has to be closer to the people, especially those that are in the peripheries,” Advincula said.

    The Archdiocese of Capiz has about 810,000 Catholics and 117 priests in 37 parishes.

    Last Sunday, Advincula was among the 13 new cardinals from all over the world appointed by Pope Francis. Their designations will be formalized at a consistory in the Vatican on November 28.

    Aside from Advincula, the only other active Filipino Cardinal is Luis Antonio Tagle, who serves as Prefect of the Congregation for the Evangelization of Peoples in the Vatican.

    Already retired are Cardinals Gaudencio Rosales and Orlando Quevedo after reaching the age of 80.