Abu Sayyaf member surrenders in Sulu


    AN Abu Sayyaf member surrendered to the military in Sulu on Wednesday, two weeks after his wife and eight other female potential suicide bombers were arrested by government troops for possession of explosives.

    Jaber Binuri, 35, and six Abu Sayyaf members and supporters surrendered to officers of the 15th Civil Military Operations Battalion under the Joint Task Force Sulu, the military reported yesterday.

    The six others who yielded were Jupihar Alih, 25; Hassan Albain, 25; William Janatol, 38; and Rajik Alih, 34; Kaisal Maddan, 22; and Ibin Hapas, 57.

    Binuri’s surrender came after his wife, Nudsza Ismanu Aslun, was nabbed by the military and the police for illegal possession of explosives and bomb components. Aslun earlier claimed she is a widow but it turned out his husband is still alive.

    Aslun and eight other women, who the military said are being indoctrinated to become suicide bombers, were arrested on February 19 in separate operations in Patikul and Jolos.

    Three of the suspects are daughters and one is the sister of Abu Sayyaf leader Hatib Sawadjaan, who was slain in an encounter in July last year.

    During debriefing, Binuri said he joined the Abu Sayyaf in 2013 and figured in at least 31 encounters against soldiers and is usually armed with a K3 machine gun. He said he joined the group of Abu Sayyaf sub-leader Ben Wagas after the death of Sawadjaan.