7 PNP generals vacate posts ahead of retirement


    SEVEN police general have decided to vacate their posts ahead of their retirement in the coming weeks, triggering the reassignment of 23 senior police officers.

    PNP chief Debold Sinas said the seven were led by Major Generals Celso Pestaño and Jonas Calleja, head of the Directorate for Information and Communication Technology and head of the Directorate for Plans, respectively.

    The five others were Brigadier Generals Mario Rariza Jr., deputy director of the Directorate for Integrated Police Operations Luzon; Joy Runes, director of the Communications and Electronics Service; Restituto Gatera, director of the Police Security and Protection Group; Edgar Monsalve, director of the Intelligence Group; and Wilfredo Cayat, the commandant of cadets at the PNPA Academy.

    “This one (reassignments) was triggered by the seven officers who availed (of) the non-duty status,” Sinas said, adding he approved the reassignment on the recommendation of the Senior Officers Placement and Promotions Board.

    “They (seven generals) are just one or less than one month (from retirement) and they opted to avail of non-duty status so they can process their retirement papers,” said Sinas.

    Sinas said the seven chose not to wait for their retirement before relinquishing their posts to give other officers the chance to be promoted, position-wise.

    Sinas said the seven will be temporary assigned with the office of the PNP chief until their retirement date.

    Pestaño will be replaced by Central Visayas police director Brig. Gen. Albert Ferro while Ferro’s post will go to Quezon City Police District director Brig. Gen. Ronnie Montejo.

    Brig. Gen. Danilo Macerin will take over Montejo’s post while Macerin’s will go to Brig. Gen. Ronaldo Olay, the outgoing deputy chief for administration of the National Capital Region Police.

    Olay’s post as deputy chief for administration of NCRPO will go to Brig. Gen. Florencio Ortilla, the NCRPO’s deputy chief for operations.

    Ortilla’s successor will be Brig. Gen. Antonio Yarra, the deputy chief for administration of CALABARZON, while Yarra’s successor will be Brig. Gen. William Yu.

    “We will implement this immediately on December 1. More or less this is already in place and we’re hoping this will a make a difference in our different campaigns and operations,” Sinas said, adding the reassignments were based on “merits, familiarity of the operations and their ability to lead, and seniority.”