46% of Pinoys unwilling to get vaccinated: OCTA


    DESPITE the intensive “Explain, Explain, Explain” information drive of the national government, nearly half of Filipinos are still unwilling to be vaccinated against the coronavirus disease (COVID-19), mainly because of safety concerns.

    This is based on a survey conducted by the OCTA Research Team from January 26 to February 1, showing “a significant 46 percent” of 1,200 respondents 18 years and older said “they will not have themselves vaccinated even if a safe and effective vaccine is available.”

    The survey also showed only 19 percent re willing to have themselves vaccinated with the COVID-19 shots, and 35 percent are undecided.

    Of those unwilling to be vaccinated, 73 percent were concerned about the safety of the vaccines.

    “Concerns about the safety of the COVID-19 vaccine is the top reason cited by adult Filipinos for not getting vaccinated. About three out of four adult Filipinos will not have themselves vaccinated against COVID-19 because of concerns regarding the safety of the vaccine,” the survey said.

    The survey also showed that almost a third of adult Filipinos (29%) said they will not get vaccinated because they are not sure if the vaccine is effective.

    There were also about 6 percent of the respondents who said they will not have themselves vaccinated because the vaccine is not free while another 6 percent said they will not have themselves vaccinated because the vaccine is expensive.

    As to the country of origin of the vaccines, the OCTA study showed those from China are the least trusted by the public.

    “Trust ratings of adult Filipinos in vaccines from different countries range from 13 percent to 41 percent. The lowest trust ratings observed are from vaccines coming from China at 13 percent,” said the survey.

    The highest trust rating at 41 percent are on the vaccines coming from the United States, followed by those coming from the United Kingdom at 25 percent, from Russia at 20 percent, and from India at 17 percent.

    It should be noted that President Duterte has long declared his preference for vaccines from Russia and China.

    OCTA said its nationwide survey is independent and is was not commissioned.

    The survey used a multi-stage probability sample using face-to-face interviews and has a ±3 percent margin of error.

    The results were similar to that of Pulse Asia’s November 23 to December 2 survey released last month, which showed 47 percent of Filipinos said they do not want to be inoculated with the COVID-19 vaccines, also because of safety concerns.