3,009 Chinese deported last year


    OF the 3,219 foreigners deported last year, 3,009 were Chinese, according to the Bureau of Immigration.

    Also deported were 60 Vietnamese, 40 South Koreans, 25 Americans, 20 Japanese, 12 Indians and five Pakistanis.

    Immigration Commissioner Jaime Morente said the deportees committed various offenses such as overstaying, working without permit, illegal entry and being undocumented aliens.

    Others were arrested and deported for involvement in illegal online gaming activities, telecommunications fraud, investment scams and cybercrime activities.

    “Some of them are wanted fugitives whose arrest and deportation was sought by governments of the countries where they have been charged or convicted for various crimes,” Morente said.

    The names of the deportees are automatically placed in the immigration’s blacklist, banned from re-entering the country.