3.5M Pinoys stranded in July due to lockdown: SWS


    SOME 3.5 million adult Filipinos said they were stranded in places away from their homes during the implementation of the community quarantines last month, the July 3 to 6 mobile survey of the Social Weather Stations (SWS) showed.

    The survey, which involved 1,555 adult respondents with a margin of error of ±2 percent, showed that 5.1 percent of Filipinos (estimated 3.5 million) were stranded in July, which is 0.3 points down from the 5.4 percent (estimated 4.1 million) that were stranded in May.

    SWS found that more people from Mindanao with 8 percent or an estimated 1.26 million (up from 6.4 percent) were stranded areas away from their homes because of the community quarantines, followed by those from the Visayas with 5.9 percent (up from 5 percent), those from Luzon with 4.1 percent (down from 5.3 percent), and those from Metro Manila with 2.1 percent (down from 4.8 percent).

    By gender, more men were stranded outside their home or 6.5 percent (estimated 2.26 million) or almost double than the number of women who were stranded in July (3.6 percent or 1.25 million).

    By age group, more people belonging to the 18-24 age bracket claimed to have been stranded with 9.1 percent or an estimated 790,000) followed by those from the 25-34 bracket (6.6 percent, 35 to 44 year olds (3.9 percent), 45-54 year olds (3.7 percent), and those 55 years old and above (3.3 percent).

    By education, more people who were college graduate or taking postgraduate courses claimed to have been stranded during the quarantine period in July or 6.9 percent (estimated 820,000), followed by those who are high school graduates and had vocational degrees (5.4 percent), those who are college undergraduates (5.1 percent), non-elementary graduates (4.4 percent), and elementary graduates (3.1 percent).