100K more given polio shots in Mindanao


    NEARLY 100,000 children in Mindanao have been given oral polio vaccines by the Philippine Red Cross a week since the campaign resumed.

    In a statement, PRC Chairman Richard Gordon said they have already provided oral polio vaccine to 94,014 children five years old and below in Mindanao.

    “Our target number for the children to be vaccinated is 60,000 and, as expected, the numbers (are) exceeded anew,” said Gordon.

    He added they will not be sitting on their laurels despite exceeding their target, adding they will continue to look for children and give them adequate protection against the dreaded polio virus.

    “Vaccine is the most effective way to prevent polio since there are new cases recorded by the Department of Health,” said Gordon.

    Last Jan. 20, the DOH and the PRC resumed their synchronized oral polio vaccine in Mindanao that will end on Feb 2.

    The vaccination campaign in Metro Manila resumed yesterday and will run up to Feb. 7.