Work, study, eat at home


    In this time of pandemic when people are opting to stay at home as much as possible, dining at your favorite restaurants and even just buying groceries have become a challenge. It is either you do not have the time or you are too reluctant to go out for health and safety concerns.

    And while craving for some restaurant menus, you are hesitant to have food delivered at home, thinking that the dishes may not be as delicious as the ones consumed in-store.

    Cast your worries aside. Here is one comfort food that you can enjoy at home, delicious when delivered and still just as good the next day – The Colonel’s best chicken and gravy combination, KFC Original Recipe chicken and signature gravy.

    Made with the Colonel’s 11 fabled Secret Herbs & Spices, the KFC chicken is pressure-fried, locking in its distinct, delicious flavor, allowing you to satisfy your insatiable appetite right in the safety of your own homes.

    KFC’s best-tasting, freshly prepared signature chicken is perfect for quick and easy meals when you’re too busy working from home to cook. It is also likely that the food will be delivered to you via the Colonel’s e-bike fleet that was launched last year, making KFC the pioneer in eco-friendly food delivery service in the Philippines.

    The Colonel’s glorious, signature Original Recipe chicken is available for online delivery, take out, online pickup, and drive thru transactions. To order, dial 88-87-88-88, visit or download the mobile app on Google Play: or App Store: Delivery is also available via GrabFood and Foodpanda.

    In case you’d still have some KFC chicken left in the bucket after meal, here’s how to reheat them while still retaining their unmistakable goodness.

    Store leftovers in the fridge. Once ready to eat, arrange chicken in an oven-safe container.

    For the perfect temperature and the perfect juiciness, bake at 30 degrees Fahrenheit for 20 minutes. Then wait until all the pieces reach 165 degrees Fahrenheit.

    KFC chicken is safely prepared in the kitchen and safely delivered to your homes. Riders wash their hands thoroughly before every delivery. They are equipped with face masks for extra precaution. Hand sanitizers are provided whenever they are out in the field. In-store employees wash their hands properly and frequently. The take-out bags are safely sealed.

    Delivery bags and boxes are safely sanitized every delivery.

    KFC assures that what’s delivered is as good as when it’s served in the store. It continues to serve its customers and communities through its clean, efficient, and safe contactless protocols. Grab a KFC bucket today!