Well-loved Pinoy flavors in crackers


    THE new crackers in town will bring a lot of excitement and joy in snacking as they are packed with the delectable goodness of favorite Filipino snack flavors – plain, ensaymada, and leche flan.

    Launched via YouTube Stream with brand ambassadors Kim Chui and Robi Domingo, customers can have a bite or more of the delicacies with ease, zero regrets, and great satisfaction. Each pack of crackers contains only 120 calories.

    The first of its kind from snacks company Mondelez Philippines, Tiger Crackers are easy on the pocket, accessible way to add finger-licking pleasure to your life.

    Crack open a packet with your “bff” over merienda break for a few giggles, nibble some crackers with “bae” on movie night for an extra dose of sweetness, or reward yourself with a few pieces after a job well done for a fulfilling bite.

    During the launch, actor IC Mendoza, baker and food photographer Cy Ynares, fashion stylist Trish Ramos, and content creator Marvin Fojas were also present to share their thoughts on this new product.