Vital Dome Infratherapy Machine launched in Okada


    Vital Dome, an advanced infra-therapy ecosystem machine that uses pure far infrared to regenerate the body from inside and out, was launched at the recent “Beauty and Vitality, Innovative Approach to Anti-Ageing” event held at Okada Manila.

    Entrepreneur Katherine Alejar, CEO of i3 and Vital Dome’s exclusive distributor in the Philippines, welcomed over 100 doctors specializing in the Aesthetics and Wellness industry.

    “I am proud to have been part of this event which showcased Vital Dome’s innumerable benefits to one’s heath. Vital Dome provides detoxification, oxygenation of tissues, reduction of edema, skin stimulation and weight loss. After a few of sessions with the Vital Dome, skin becomes firmer, purified and revitalized. Damaged tissues due to stress are also regenerated and wrinkles are reduced,” Alejar said.

    No less than Vital Dome’s France-based Training Manager, Aude Biltz, spoke to the audience about the benefits of infratherapy and far-infrared.

    Founded and manufactured in France by Alexandra Gavsevitch and Eric Fauchon (both internationally known in the Naturopathy, and Health and Wellness industry), Vital Dome uses far infrared (a vital radiation of the sun), which is the ultimate, most natural, and essential factor for body rejuvenating and healing. Clinical studies prove that 82% of those who experienced Vital Dome’s Infra-therapy feel more relaxed while 77% achieved a slimmer silhouette. Almost 70% noticed how their skin got firmer and almost 80% proved they attained lighter legs, improved sleeping pattern and an enhanced overall well-being.

    The prestigious Aivee Clinic is a proud partner of Vital Dome and was the first aesthetic clinic to offer it to its clients. The latest partners of Vital Dome include Peak Form, the country’s premier Sports conditioning and Recovery Center and the wellness center clinic of Dr. Joel Lopez in Centuria Medical Makati.

    Alejar also announced that i3 will bring another wellness machine called Nuage. “In France, Nuage is being used to energize employees as well as in anti-cancer facilities. This will be perfect for BPOs and hospitals.

    Vital Dome Philippines is located at Unit 1122 Centuria Medical Makati, Kalayaan corner Salamanca Streets, Makati City.