Unusual ways to enjoy your fast food


    For whatever reason, everyone eventually gives in and orders their usual food at their go-to fast food joints. With Popeyes’ menu items, you can come up with insane fast food hybrids that you could never imagine would pair well together, but somehow do. All you need is a little creativity and an adventurous palate.

    Beat the food rut and try out these combinations at Popeyes for new and weirdly delicious fast food discoveries.

    Cajun rice + creamy crab soup. Starting off the list is a combo that will surely spice up your meal. Just imagine – a bowl of flavorful and slightly spicy rice mixed into a thick and savory crab soup. All of those ingredients, spices, and aromatics coming together to give you a delicious mashup with distinctive Cajun flavors.

    Classic honey biscuit + ice cream. Okay, so you might be thinking, isn’t this just an ice cream sandwich? Well, you clearly haven’t tried Popeye’s biscuits. The distinct salty, sweet and buttery taste of the Classic Honey Biscuit along with your personal choice of ice cream is a must-try.

    Fish Burger + Shrimp Burger. For those of you who can’t get enough of seafood, the fish burger + shrimp burger will surely satisfy that craving. Just order one of each burger and stack the patties, effectively making one beast of a burger.

    Cajun fries + Popeyes spaghetti sauce. Fries, they’re universally considered perfect. They’re great on their own and they can also be paired with almost anything. Take that leftover spaghetti sauce from Popeyes’ sweet, savory and cheesy Spaghetti, which is exclusive to the Philippines, and dip your crispy Cajun fries and try it out.

    Popeyes Chicken + Honey. We’re ending this list with a bang! A bang of Cajun spices and sweet honey to be exact. If you’re tired of the usual chicken + gravy combo, then Popeyes chicken with a dash of honey is just the thing for you. The sweetness of the honey balances the distinct Cajun flavors that you can only get with Popeyes chicken, making this combo a delightfully tasty meal.