Unsung everyday heroes awarded


    GINEBRA San Miguel (GSM) awarded the everyday heroes for their hard work, during the recent “Ginebra Ako Awards Year 2: Pagkilala sa Tunay na Tapang at Husay ng Pilipino.”

    The awardees, who embodied GSM’s values such as passion, courage and resilience, were recognized for their accomplishments and contributions in their respective communities.

    They were Illac Diaz, Liter of Light founder and executive director (Ginebra Ako Para sa Kalikasan); Rey Bufi, The Storytelling Project founder (Ginebra Ako Para sa Kabataan); Pedro Abraham, Kontemporaryong Gamelan Pilipino founder (Ginebra Ako Para sa Entablado); Aris Villaester of the Tagaytay City Jail (Ginebra Ako Para sa Paglilingkod); and Lito Ramirez of the Philippine Volcanoes (Ginebra Ako Para sa Palakasan).

    The awardees were screened, researched, validated and then vetted by a panel of judges.

    Diaz thought of an environment friendly lighting concept made from recycled plastic bottles that brought light to poor areas without access to electricity.

    Bufi lives his passion for telling stories to children and students through The Storytelling Project, which is focused on communities where literacy is low, to spark hope, inspire and instill the love of reading and learning to children.

    Abraham, an Ambassador of Goodwill for Culture and Arts, has created the Kontemporaryong Gamelan Pilipino to pay respect to tribes and indigenous peoples through celebrating the culture and music of natives.

    Villaester puts color inside the facility by initiating a livelihood program thru painting, enabling them to improve their facilities and help persons deprived of liberty to post bail while on trial.

    Ramirez, who was a street orphan, eventually discovered his love for the fast-paced game of rugby. As the Philippine Volcanoes’ first Filipino homegrown rugby player, he teaches underprivileged youth how to play.

    Ronald Molina, GSM marketing manager, said there is no need to look far to be inspired.

    “Simply look to the person beside you because in real life, ordinary Filipinos are doing heroic deeds,” Molina said, adding they are the people GSM wants to pay tribute to.